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BEL the excellence of Brussels

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The Belgitude according with the Maison Delvaux
The Belgitude according with the Maison Delvaux  Bild: Delvaux

Brussels [ENA] Created in 1937 by Armand Dachbeck and the founders of the companies Leysen, Wolfers, Vanderborght, Delvaux, Maison du Porte-Plume and De Geest, the Chamber of Commerce for Art and Luxury Goods had the ambition to make these Brussels companies well known in the domain of craftsmanship, creativity

and excellent products, and to bring them all together to ensure that the concept of perfection and impeccable service endured. In 2006, this organisation became Brussels Exclusive Labels. BEL’s areas of activity are extremely varied: art, gastronomy, fine leather goods, jewellery, fashion design, service offerings... The craftsmen and women who are members of BEL are Belgian and the companies are all established in Brussels. They are appreciated for their exclusivity, the perfection of their creations and the emotions they stimulate. They offer the “best of the best” and make every client feel privileged. All these companies are selected by Brussels Exclusive Labels because luxury is first of all a point of reference, dynamism and

authenticity. A magazine, namely the Brussels Mag, published twice yearly, features news about these companies and new members. Why the name “Brussels Exclusive Labels”? brussels, our capital has become a “brand” in itself, a label in the heart of Europe. exclusive, because what is exceptional is a daily occurrence for our members and because they all champion a certain art of fine living and a specialised approach to their profession, while being focussed on the future. Exclusivity is definitely their particular hallmark. labels, because the ambition to be acknowledged as a reference characterises every initiative, and they stand out from the crowd as craftsmen and women, designers or top international luxury brands through their

constant quest for excellence. Interview Jean-Pol Piron – President of BEL How did this project of bringing together firms sharing the same love of beauty evolve? J.P.P.: The Chamber of Commerce for Art and Luxury Goods was created in 1937 by enthusiasts such as Armand Dachbeck and the founders of the companies Leysen, Wolfers, Vanderborght, Delvaux, Maison du Porte-Plume and De Geest. From the very beginning, this association was a multi- sector concept bringing together the craftsmen and women and merchants who were fashionable at the time. Over the years, some firms left the association for various reasons such as being subject to a take-over, cessation of activity... The current development is evolving based on values and the

original DNA, i.e. passion, creativity, highest quality work and the concept of service. What was BEL’S original vocation and has it changed? J.P.P. There have always been 70 or so firms grouped together in BEL. Its vocation was to give its seal of approval and distinguish certain companies from other Brussels’ businesses, based on criteria of excellence, the handing on of traditions, savoir-faire and impeccable service. We are endeavouring to maintain these high standards while evolving in line with modern trends and the current means of communication. What are the criteria required to be a member of BEL? j.p.p. We have rather severe acceptance criteria such as the quality of service, products, commercial dynamism, the Belgian and

Brussels origins of the companies, the originality and beauty of the stores, and the personality of the company leaders. What is the secret that enables BEL to bring together so many companies that are also competitors? J.P.P. There is no competition within BEL, members are friends, enthusiasts, colleagues who know each other, appreciate each other and who all have the same desire to create a vision, to satisfy a demanding clientele while encouraging them to dream. What is your definition of luxury? J.P.P. Such a broad question! I run the risk of surprising you, but for me true luxury is space or simply time, the time to drink a coffee with a Marcolini chocolate in a BEL venue.

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