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Circulair Warenhuis: the Dutch design meets recycling

Verantwortlicher Autor: Paola Testoni Leiden , 04.11.2020, 09:44 Uhr
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Circulair Warenhuis  Collection
Circulair Warenhuis Collection  Bild: Raw Color (c)

Leiden [ENA] In Leiden, The Netherlands, a new way of recycling second-hand materials collected through the foundation Kringloopbedrijf Het Warenhuis was chosen: Circulair Warenhuis is born, a new concept store and gallery for circular design: with a yearly collection of 2,8 million kg of goods.

The assumption that all this stuff will get a new home is their priority. Unfortunately a significant part of the large supply of items turns out to be of too low quality or is not even marketable and is disposed of or destroyed. A solution is found by the Architect’s office Popma ter Steege and Buro Bordo with an idea to find new ways to reuse. Designers Jurgen Bey, Nienke Hoogvliet, Max Lipsey and Fraser McPhee are linked to the recycling company to research one of the waste streams that is not sold or recycled. With the surplus of usable material, the designers design a prototype that is put into production in the social workshops of the recycling company.

In addition, Raw Color was asked to develop the visual identity and corporate identity for the project. In November 2020 the new concept store and gallery for circular design will open in Leiden: the Circular Department Store. For the solo exhibition of Claudy Jongstra (opened last 30 October) Circulair Warenhuis has entered a remarkable collaboration with Museum De Lakenhal. Architect Josse Popma (PTSA) designed exhibition benches made entirely of wood from the Kringloopbedrijf that would otherwise be disposed of and destroyed. The benches are made by employees of the social wood workshop of DZB Leiden. This working method fits in well with Claudy Jongstra's holistic vision and the museum's sustainability goals.

For the Circular Department Store it is again a new recycling method. After the exhibition the benches are for sale in the Circular Department Store. A winning idea as confirmed by Fraser McPhee, one of the designers involved in the process. The Scottish designer is now based in Eindhoven where he works by combining industrial design with Critical Design states that “The Circulair Warenhuis is like a testing ground where you give designers the freedom to do what they want, and you'll see that surprising results come out of it. It brings some risks with it, because this project is not so conventional, but there is a huge potential.

I also like the fact that there's so much cooperation”, says Fraser. “I think it's a really good opportunity to change people's perceptions of how we look at second hand stores and it's really a measure of what their contemporary relevance is. I hope it can inspire other second hand stores or movements. That's the goal”, concludes Fraser. Circulair Warenhuis: the Dutch design meets recycling

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