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Festival ‘Masterly The Hague’ in Royal City The Hague

Verantwortlicher Autor: Paola Testoni The Hague (NL), 28.06.2019, 22:29 Uhr
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Masterly The Hague 2019 - Royal Delft with Muse Mary Stuart II
Masterly The Hague 2019 - Royal Delft with Muse Mary Stuart II  Bild: Marie Cecile Thijs

The Hague (NL) [ENA] Around Prinsjesdag -the annual King's Speech- The Hague will be buzzing with royal allure. This is when the second edition of festival Masterly The Hague takes place. Contemporary designers pull the audience into the atmosphere of courtly life at the Hague Court Pond.

The public enjoys new work by Dutch designers with design inspired by paintings from the Golden Age. Four Days of Celebration in Royal The Hague From 19-22 September new Dutch Design can be seen alongside Their Muse, the historical painting That inspired the design. The designers Themselves are present and available to the audience. They share Their perspective on the historical paintings and invite the audience to see through Their Eyes. Visitors of The Hague Masterly experience a journey of discovery into beauty and craftsmanship. When you learn to Recognize beauty in everything, your view on the world changes.

There is a new location called 'Royal Restaurant' Last year Masterly The Hague, with three historic buildings along the Lange Vijverberg, could barely accommodate the vast stream of visitors. Ticket sales had to be temporarily suspended. That is why Masterly The Hague is now expanding with an additional location. The once famous former Royal Restaurant located on the stately Lange Voorhout will open its doors especially for Once More Masterly The Hague. Royal Celebration Each and every room of the four magnificent buildings will be filled with an air of celebration- as if we are awaiting a royal ball in another era.

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