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Masterly The Hague: art and design meet each other

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Schouwman and Halsduk by Esme
Schouwman and Halsduk by Esme  Bild: SCHOUWMAN Halsduk by Esme. Masterly The Hague / Hoogsteder Museum Collection

The Hague (NL) [ENA] At Masterly The Hague, contemporary designers imerse themselves in classical paintings. In five beautiful historical locations, a hundres designers during four days will present their leading work in relation to the Old Masters. A powerful combination of talent, inspiration and craftsmanship.

This year the central theme is the Dutch landscape. The biennial coincides with the grand opening of the The Hague Museum Quarter. The innovative Dutch Design biennale takes place from Thursday 21 to Sunday 24 October in the historical heart of the Dutch capital, opposite the Binnenhof and around the majestic Voorhout. Magnificent monumental buildings on the Lange Vijverberg lend themselves perfectly for the presentations of the contemporary designers. The Dutch Designers therefore let themselves inspire by a classic painting.


Willem Jan Hoogsteder, together with curator Nicole Uniquole, is the driving force behind this leading event. He sees many similarities between the Old Masters and the modern designers: 'They all combine talent, inspiration and craftsmanship and go for beauty. The contemporary creativity makes us look at Old Masters in a new and artistic way. Masters with a new and artistic look. Exciting and original; you always discover something new.' The Ballroom and Dries van Noten New this year as a venue is The King's Ballroom in Kazernestraat, once owned by King Willem II, now the spectacular ballroom of Sociëteit de Vereeniging. Hotel Des Indes is also making its halls available to Masterly for the first time this year.

Just like the three buildings on Lange Vijverberg - designed in 1750 as a magnificent rococo city palace complex - are decorated by theme and colour by stylist Maarten Spruyt. A unique private collection by fashion designer Dries van Noten is on display for the first time thanks to boutique Mainstreet. This is The Netherlands This year, the Netherlands Board of Tourism has chosen the Dutch landscape as its theme. The designers of Masterly The Hague also pay tribute to this. Visitors, whether they come from their own country or from far away, recognise it immediately.

MASTERLY THE HAGUE_Barbara Nanning and Ales Zverina_Nanning Chimaera

Here we see the Netherlands, in realistic landscapes and fantasy worlds, in 17th-century masterpieces and 21st-century design. Today's designers are masters of numerous disciplines, ranging from jewellery, furniture, photography, carpets, lamps, and more. photography, carpets, lamps and tableware, as well as stand-alone art objects. They are specialised in They specialise in working with wood, glass, silver, gold, steel, bronze, porcelain, leather and beautiful fabrics. beautiful fabrics. All their work is for sale.

The participants include big names such as Jan Taminiau, Anton Corbijn and Krützmann Lijsten, Saskia Boelsums (Artist of the Year 2020), Daniël Moesker, Gemmy Woud-Binnendijk, Stefan Scholten, Suzanne Jongmans and Barbara Nanning. Exciting is the huge table in the Kings Ballroom, decorated with Workingbert Workingbert tablecloths and bronze conversation pieces by Nancy Faas. Lectures

In Diligentia's historical theatre on the majestic Lange Voorhout, Emilie den Tonkelaar, expert in Old Masters, will tell about the history of the festival locaties, the designers and 'their' paintings. The lecture includes an admission ticket and costs €30. The single entrance fee of €15 is for a whole day for all 5 locations, 32 rooms, 50 paintings and 100 participants. A Masterly Passe-Partout of €25 provides access to the festival for two days of your choice. Visitor information and tickets:

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