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The must-see outdoor art exhibit in Amsterdam "Oud Zuid"

Verantwortlicher Autor: Paola Testoni Amsterdam, 19.05.2019, 19:40 Uhr
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Ivan Cremer - Birth of Apollo - Courtesy of ARTZUID
Ivan Cremer - Birth of Apollo - Courtesy of ARTZUID  Bild: Courtesy of ARTZUID

Amsterdam [ENA] The city of Amsterdam opens May with a full immersion into the world of modern and contemporary figurative art, flanked by unique spatial installations. ARTZUID will open from May 17h to September 15th 2019 and includes 80 sculptures from 50 international artists.

The heart of the exhibition lies in Berlage’s monumental Plan Zuid area with its leafy avenues Apollolaan and Minervalaan. This green space will serve as a backdrop for the theatrical grouping of modern and contemporary figurative sculptures which will be interspersed with interactive spatial installations. In addition solo presentations by internationally renowned artists will mark the 2.5-kilometre route from Museumplein to the Zuidas business district. ARTZUID will include an extensive peripheral programme of activities including tours, artist talks and an educational programme. The free exhibition is open 24/7. During ARTZUID an app, route map and catalogue will be available from the information pavilion on Minervalaan 1.

Barry Flanagan - Large Nijinski on Anvil Point
Jaume Plensa - Sanna - Courtesy of ARTZUID
Atelier van Lieshout - The leader - Courtesy of ARTZUID

Berlage’s Plan Zuid is characterised by monumentally laid out avenues, neighbourhood squares and plenty of green spaces – essential features of a healthy living environment, allowing residents to relax, take a stroll, play and chat in the vision of the designer of this piece of Amsterdam urban heritage. Thanks to the artworks that will dominate the neighbourhood for four months from the middle of May the avenues and squares will be revived as connective spaces. The layout of the group exhibition is inspired by 17th -century Italian gardens, with associations of an amusement maze. ARTZUID thus transforms the neighborhood in the gardens of Amsterdam "Oud Zuid". All information can be found on

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