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Welcome to a 2-day celebration of excellent music

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Lavinia Meijer, Remy van Kesteren (left to right)
Lavinia Meijer, Remy van Kesteren (left to right)  Bild: Photo courtesy: Harp Festival

Utrecht [ENA] On May 9 and 10, the best harpists in the world come together under the leadership of festival founder and harpist Remy van Kesteren. Prior to the festival, preliminaries for the DHF World Harp Competition 2020 will take place in Utrecht and New York.

The Dutch Harp Festival will officially start with a kick-off on Tuesday 18 February in TivoliVredenburg. The complete festival program is now known! All performances and performances are (world) premieres, and the festival programs across all styles and genres: pop, classical, jazz, electronic and world music and improvisation all come by. Moreover, the programming is not limited to the rooms: new collaborations, experiments and discoveries also take place in niches, corners, on stairs, squares and in lifts. No better stage than TivoliVredenburg - just like in 2018, a weekend-long Planet Harp.

Festival artists

Lavinia Meijer * Tom Monger (Florence + The Machine) * Laura Perrudin * Orchestra Elastique plays King Kong soundtrack * Sunniva Rødland - Vortex Room * Terry Riley's In C with harp orchestra led by Gwyneth Wentink * Corrina Hewatt & Shine * LEYA * Ruben Hein & National Youth Jazz Orchestra - Esther Swift * New Ways (Liam Byrne & Morris Kliphuis) * Sylvain Blassel * Liesbeth Vreeburg * Cesar Secundino * Harp Sirens * Alice Belugou * Wings & Roots * Harp Leerorkest * Remy van Kesteren The complete festival program can be found at

Dutch Harp Festival 2020

As many people as possible should be able to hear, see and experience how versatile the harp is; that was and is the mission of the Dutch Harp Festival (DHF). Harpists from all over the world gather - to meet and learn from each other, and to share what is happening on 'Planet Harp' with each other and with a new audience. The Dutch Harp Festival is a celebration of the instrument, but also of genre-transcending and transcending music. With the upcoming edition on 9 and 10 May the festival will be ten years old. As far as DHF is concerned, it is time for a new phase: it wants to grow into a platform for the newest generation. Innovation and experiment must be paramount; it wants to offer even more space to talents with sky-storming ideas, w

Dutch Harp Festival 2020 Saturday, May 9 | 5:00 p.m. Sunday, May 10 | 9:30 am to 7:30 pm TivoliVredenburg, Utrecht

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