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InsiJets: reliable and safe private flights

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Rome, Italy [ENA] InsiJets: flying safe and comfortable. Flying on a private jet can be a desire for a good slice of travellers, a dream of many but a reality for few. That was until now, since the new formula of InsiJets has managed to change the concept of air travel and comfort.

We have all experienced the joys of travelling (especially in this period of lockdown!) but we have often complained about the inconvenience caused by the disruptions of flying. Especially for those who, for work or lifestyle, are forced to board airliners often can tell the difficulties of reaching in a short time a travel destination, sometimes misunderstood by conventional airlines.

This gap of the sector has been noticed by Luca Barbagallo when he founded InsiJets in 2018. Basically there are six reasons why this fleet of private jets perfectly meets the desires of the public, starting from the high Quality of service, not only your preferred food and drinks on board, but also lots of individualised attention, plenty of luggage space, inflight entertainment for children, and naturally pets are welcome on board, but also the possibility of Time saving since you can board the jet a few minutes before departure and fly directly to your destination, and the Convenience to reach not easily reachable destinations.

With the possibility to book a jet a few hours prior to departure without problems of arriving too late, and finally the sense of Privacy, often important for those who travel with private jets. The result of all this is the possibility to fly in total relaxation, forgetting about the long check in and security lines, lost luggage, transfers and delay. To learn more about this new formula that seems to be revolutionizing the private aviation sector in a positive way, we ask some questions to the founder of the company himself, Luca Barbagallo.

Luca Barbagallo (photo credits: Manu Amarya)

Born in 1988, with deep roots in Catania (in Sicily, Italy)and an extremely international vision, very sportive, Barbagallo has, from a very young age, never hidden his passion for everything related to the aeronautical sector. Fascinated by the sky after various work experiences around the world in the luxury sector, he returned to his initial passion and, taking advantage of his personal skills, his Bachelor Degree in International Relations and Politics and a Master in International Business at the “Università Cattolica” in Milan, and founded InsiJets in 2018.

How did InsiJets start?

After years in the private aviation I have noticed a gap in the industry: no response to clients demand looking for a loyal and reliable service with agile and prompt communication at a reasonable cost. On one hand we find well-known corporations that cater to the needs of customers with rigid schedules and slow communication, on the other unknown brokers who use jets of uncertain origin and an inconsistent service.

InsiJets was born with the aim of giving an effective and efficient answer not only for all those customers who wish to enjoy their holidays in total relaxation without last-minute surprises but above all to those multitude of businessmen who make the private jet the fundamental vector for optimizing the amount of work with a reliable long-term solution and timely communication. Among the many professionals who benefit most from our service, there are undoubtedly the iconic sport personalities of MotoGP and F1, including our brand ambassador Valtteri Bottas.

Courtesy of InsiJets
Photo credits: Alexander Minangoy
Photo credits: Alexander Minangoy

Who is InsiJets?

InsiJets was born from a brand new model responding to some of the gaps in private aviation industry. InsiJets is a fully independent private jet consulting company, acting on the sole interest of its clients. We are based in London, Malaga and New York with team spread across several departments, such as: PR, Marketing, Sales, 24/7 flight support and all collateral services.

InsiJets distinguishes itself

InsiJets distinguishes itself from other companies in the sector for two fundamental points: the service on demand and the innovative formula of the InsiJets Card. Can you describe them? Of course! Charter on demand is based on Live Market Pricing. Each time your request a flight, you drop us a line and your Dedicate Account Manager will find and send you over several options for the route requested in few hours. While the new formula of the InsiJets Card is based on prefix hourly rate solution, high-tailored program based on your specific requirements. The Simplest way to fly private, empowering yourself with a private jet solution in your pocket, buying flying hours at a fixed rate at the time of booking.

Some numbers about the InsiJets prefix hourly rate on light jet cabin: €5,870 all-inclusive. For instance a flight like Munich to Nice with a flight time approximate 1H 10’ on a Phenom 300 will cost all-inclusive €6,848. The InsiJets Card is a concept which sounds familiar to frequent private flyer. Nevertheless, we have applied unparalleled level of flexibility and transparency to the hassle-free highly tailored program. Benefits such as: exit clause of the contract at any time with no penalty, no expiration date on your remaining hours, no interchange premium fee when downgrade/upgrade, fully all-inclusive options are few of the competitive advantages you will enjoy with the InsiJets Card.

Beside with a truly consistent service every day of the year 24/7/365. With no exemption, you will have contractually guaranteed one of our 7,000 aircraft part of the InsiJets International Aircraft Network at your disposal with as little as 24 hours of notice (if not less).

Formula 1 driver Valtteri Bottas is your ambassador

Valtteri team and I got in contact for the first time few years ago. Along the time we have seen built a loyal long-run business relationship and last year we commonly agreed on a deeper cooperation between InsiJets and his personal brand VB. Have a champion like Valtteri Bottas – F1 driver – as brand ambassador for InsiJets is something truly relevant. The InsiJets Team strongly share the core values not only of sport such as teamwork, honesty and constant commitment but also reflect exactly what F1 is so much famous for: Safety, innovation, time management, precision. These are the pillars on which lays the foundation of the company.

How has the private aviation industry reacted to the current

The pandemic is reshaping private aviation industry on many levels, it certainly enhancing the extra safety measure for each and every person involved, from the booking process through the handling team and the crew on the ground and on board. Although, in the first month of the pandemic in each continent we have noticed a sharp increase of request from clients all around the world forced to go back home, the uncertainty and fear are two psychological elements which have played and major role in the drastic reduction on the amount of request received and flights planned.

After few week long weeks of silence and we have seen in EU and USA standards procedure took place and align in communication across government and aviation department and airport authority we are able to give again (even if with some extra paperwork and check involved) the consistent in service which we are famous for. Currently, increasingly more client are augmenting the amount flight by private jet, and 37% of flight planned in October were coming from client not familiar with InsiJets private jet solution. As a clear indication that, nowadays, the private jet irreplaceable resource.

What are your future goals?

Certainly to increase our staff and our international presence with an office in the Middle East to provide on-site support to our customers based in that area. Therefore, to increase the current growth rate of about 330% YTD for Europe and 207% in USA YTD; and above all to increase the number of public testimonials and strategic partnerships with young and dynamic personalities of the sports world that best reflect the nature of InsiJets.

For a quotation enquiry +442037649215 For a PR contact +393358039147

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