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Naming ceremony of the Costa Smeralda with Penélope Cruz

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 Costa Smeralda
Costa Smeralda  Bild: Costa Cruises photo credits

Italy [ENA] Today celebrations were held in Savona in Italy for Costa Cruises’ new flagship featuring Penélope Cruz as the godmother of the vessel. It was a spectacular gala cocktail and wonderful fireworks display over the sea. This new launch is part of a plan of 5 new low environmental impact ships.

The party for Costa Smeralda will continue with the extraordinary acrobatic show "Dream", born from the creative genius of Viktor Kee, in the splendid setting of the Colosseum, an innovative technological space amidships, where 9 of the greatest acrobats in the world will perform. The celebrations will end with a firework display of fireworks launched by a barge positioned in the sea in front of the Priamar Fortress, which will color the Savona sky when the ship departs.Costa Smeralda is a real turning point for the entire sector, because it represents the wonderful combination of responsible innovation, intelligent technologies and Italian excellence.

Costa Smeralda photo credits
Costa Smeralda photo credits
costa Smeralda photo credits

The new flagship is a tribute to Italy, the result of an extraordinary creative project, curated by Adam D. Tihany, born to enhance and make the best of the country live in a single location. All Made in Italy, furnishings, lighting, fabrics and accessories, standard and specially designed for the new flagship by fifteen highly representative partners of Italian excellence. Italian design is the protagonist in the CoDe - Costa Design Museum, the first museum built on a cruise ship.

The on-board offer fits perfectly into this extraordinary context: from Solemio Spa to the areas dedicated to entertainment; from thematic bars, in collaboration with major Italian brands, to 16 restaurants and areas dedicated to the "food experience", including the novelty of the restaurant dedicated to families with children. The innovative LAB Restaurant engages guests in a fun way in the context of food sustainability. The new entertainment concept designed specifically for Costa Smeralda includes shows and activities offered simultaneously in different areas: in this way the ship becomes a unique experience to be explored.

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