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New design hotel opens in the cultural heart of Amsterdam

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Hotel Park Centraal.
Hotel Park Centraal.  Bild: Steve Herud

Amsterdam [ENA] Boasting a significant historic legacy and housed in one of the most recognisable flatiron-style buildings in Amsterdam, Park Centraal Amsterdam, formerly known as Park Hotel Amsterdam, has been given a renewed lease of life through a significant rebrand that embodies its heritage.

Within a short stroll, guests will find the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam’s Vondelpark, the vibrant Leidseplein, De Pijp and music temple Paradiso, a church converted in the Seventies and where world-famous musicians are known to perform. Each of the 189 rooms combine comfort with Dutch influences and contemporary design. Deep colours, rich textures and artworks by local artist Kat Klerks combine to create sophisticated and cosy spaces in the heart of Amsterdam. Park Centraal Amsterdam’s ground-floor interiors designed by the locally-based studio FG Stijl feature a blend of classic and contemporary touches.

Park Centraal Amsterdam lobby

“Park Centraal is a true celebration of its surroundings; a place where history, contemporary design and invigorating spaces inspired by the Dutch way of living and nearby landmarks intertwine. The building has functioned as a hotel for over a century and we are incredibly proud to have played a role in its transition into a destination that’s current and exciting”, says Bram van der Hoek, CEO & Partner, Europe Hotels Private Collection.

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