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The 3 best European resorts for a beach holiday open

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Swimming time in Portugal
Swimming time in Portugal  Bild: Pitchup

Portugal [ENA] July is the perfect month for a beach holiday, especially if you practice a sport that has more and more followers: surfing. Here are the best places to combine the highest waves with the most exciting camping experiences. Let's start for a holiday of sun.

The sea in July but also in August or September is perfect for those who love to tan and take long swims but also for a very special category of travelers: surfers. Who have the passion for this beautiful sport is always looking for new waters and new destinations for unforgettable holidays in search of the perfect wave. We have selected some particularly welcoming ones located in Portugal. Portugal is a beautiful country to discover. Two and a half hours of flight are enough to reach it. Located on the Iberian Peninsula on the border with Spain, it overlooks the Atlantic Ocean. It boasts world famous beaches, such as those of the Algarve. Grilled cod and sardines are national dishes.

Colina Tranquila Algarve - Silves - Portugal. The welcoming Colina Tranquila Algarve glamping will impress you with its peace and tranquility, in a breathtaking natural setting. You can also settle in comfortable wooden houses equipped with every comfort and immersed in a huge subtropical garden with a wood-fired pizza oven and many hammocks to relax. In addition to surfing, from here you can take long bike rides to explore the surroundings and visit the town of Silves, full of small shops and typical restaurants. Or discover many suggestive corners from which to admire the sunset.

Glamping on the beach

Granny's Farm - Madeira - Portugal. Among the splendid landscapes of mountains and valleys that characterize the island of Madeira is the Granny's Farm which will seduce you with its gardens full of flowers and fruit trees and above all with the view of the wonderful waterfalls. At 15 minutes by car you can find Laurisilva, the largest and oldest laurel forest in Madeira, a UNESCO site. Granny's Farm is located on the main island of the archipelago of Madeira, which has four islands, and is 10 minutes drive from the coast of Quebramar and 35 from the capital Funcha. For those who love surfing, the waves are guaranteed!

Slowlife Glamping - Sesimbra - Portugal. If you are looking for a luxury campsite you have come to the right place. Located next to the Arrabida Natural Park, Slowlife Glamping is perfect for those who love water sports and for those who want to enjoy a slow and relaxed lifestyle, to enjoy every moment of a holiday that will remain forever in your memory. Between the green hills and the blue sea, Slowlife Glamping offers very comfortable, elegant and spaced out accommodations to ensure maximum privacy.

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