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Walibi Holland to offer a new concept this Halloween!

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Also younger public can enjoy Walibi Holland during Halloween for the first time!
Also younger public can enjoy Walibi Holland during Halloween for the first time!  Bild: Marco Wensveen

Biddinghuizen [ENA] In October Walibi Holland organizes Halloween Fright Nights for the 19th time. This year's theme is "Enter Insanity", where guests are introduced to all freaky personalities of Eddie the Clown. Very special this year is the first edition of the day event for children up to 12 years old!

The fact that Eddie the Clown is a bit insane to say the least comes no surprise to the seasoned HFN fan. This year you will be introduced throughout the park to the different freaky personalities who compete in Eddie's head for sovereignty. So brace yourself for a blood-curdling edition of Halloween Fright Nights, where you can hope that your Eddie's "friendly" personality will bump into you ... Do you dare? Then come to Walibi Holland in October and enter insanity!

Walibi Holland - Halloween Spooky Days
Walibi Holland - Halloween Spooky Days
Walibi Holland - Halloween Spooky Days

In addition to the infamous Halloween Fright Nights, Walibi Holland is now also organizing a day version for tough kids up to 12 years old: Halloween Spooky Days! The kids-proof event takes place on all Halloween Fright Nights days, plus on all days during the autumn holidays. Of course all our attractions are open, but in the meantime children come face to face with spooky freaks. There is a good chance that they will also encounter Daysee during the day. The Scare Zones and the haunted house during Halloween Spooky Days are four in total: the Scare Zone Firepit, Scare Zone Campsite the Sunshine, Pirate's Cove Scare Zone and Haunted House Spooky Manor.

Halloween Spooky Days takes place during the day, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Of course all our spectacular attractions are open, but also the gates of the Scare Zones Firepit, Campsite the Sunshine and Pirate’s Cove and the Haunted House Spooky Manor are open. These locations are inhabited by creepy figures who perform exciting acts. With the help of an anti-monster spray, children can keep the freaks away and with the special anti-monster badge they are even safe for the scare actors throughout the park. The badge is handed out at the entrance to Walibi Holland. During Halloween Spooky Days, children up to 12 years old are allowed to come to the park dressed up and painted. This does not apply to Halloween Fright Nights. Enjoy the ride!

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